our company carry some products strike a pose on the stage at the 2015 shanghai fic-爱游戏官网平台

our company carry some products strike a pose on the stage at the 2015 shanghai fic


on april 1, 2015, the 19th china international exhibition food additives and ingredients exhibition in shanghai national conference and exhibition center opened purdah in shanghai. as a leader in the field of food additives, the meihua many food freshness agents, pharmaceutical intermediates, feed additives, as well as the new generation of rubber products, hope to further expand the product visibility and brand influence, and customers to establish a closer relationship.

xanthan gum as rubber products, company has prominent place entrance stood two pieces of 5 square meters square billboards, "my capacity is not big, my history is not long? i quality and cheap! the plum blossom, xanthan gum, thank god you're here!" advertisement is clear. four pavilions in more professional model dressed in special "plum blossom xanthan gum products" red t-shirt, holding the miniature billboards, full-court, plum blossom xanthan gum everywhere.

monosodium glutamate and amino acid products as meihua of traditional products, also occupies an important position in the exhibition, new and old customers together, the exhibition become food freshness agent and feed additives at home and abroad customers to negotiate trade platform of choice, the meihua in the industry has formed a strong cohesion and influence, the plum flower sales objective is to, female employees personally with the apron, be the first image spokesperson, the meihua brand is a new generation of " female cook ".

pharmaceutical intermediates and new development of trehalose also to market, attract the customers attention for the baking industry, publicity materials immediately qing, sales manager is rapidly deepening relationships with old customers, to discuss how to consolidate the existing sales on the basis of expanding the market share, but also looking for new customers, if you are interesting in cooperation opportunities.

on the exhibition, the plum blossom with a big advertising campaign and absolutely competitive price. attendees are attracted to come to discuss the cooperation, there are many more customers sign the bill, the plum blossom become a dazzling star of the show.

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