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meihua group was awarded the 12th five-year national light industry science and technology innovation advanced collective" title


on october 24, the national light industry science and technology conference was held in beijing. some enterprises which had made outstanding contributions to improvement of the innovation ability of light industry and to the core competitiveness of enterprises were commended at the conference. meihua group was awarded the 12th five-year planning national light industry science and technology innovation advanced collective" title for its advanced technology, leading technological innovation ability and excellent quality control system.

during the "12th five-year" period, our company focused on the business of amino acid. on the one hand we insisted on independent innovation, on the other hand we insisted on "bringing in" and "going out" strategy and introduced some advanced technologies from foreign countries, and actively promoted the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. when we worked in the construction of a world-class amino acid factory, we also worked hard on improving product quality with the power of technology.

during the "12th five-year" period, meihua group took scientific and technological innovation as its main tragedy. so meihua group hired more talented people, developed more products, made key technological breakthroughs and has got many scientific patents.

in recent years, our company has won "national enterprise technology center", "key laboratory of microbial engineering of china's light industry", "national high-tech enterprise", "postdoctoral innovation practice base" and "provincial amino acid engineering technology research center" etc., which means meihua group has promote technological innovation quicker.

in may this year, general secretary xi jinping made an important speech entitled "struggle for the construction of the world's scientific and technological power " at the national science and technology innovation conference. xi stressed that scientific and technological innovation is national strategic support to improve the social productive forces and overall national power, so it must be placed in the core position of the overall development of china.

during "13th five-year" period, as a national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, meihua group will implement xi’s scientific and technological innovation spirit. it will continue to focus on major strategic opportunities for integrated development of amino acid industry, make efforts to break core technology and to seize the strategic opportunity which is long-term and overall to future development. technology plays an important role in light industry in steady growth, structural adjustment, increasing efficiency and promoting transformation. it will also play a supporting and leading role.  

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