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disodium 5'-ribonucleotide

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disodium 5'-ribonucleotide

that is i g. it is an abbreviation for the combination between two condiments and by taking the initial english letters.  it is made from mixing with respective 50% of imp (disodiuminosine5’—monophosphate) and gmp (disodium guanosine5’—monophosphate)


basic information

at present, the applied i g is obtained through  industrial production of microbial fermentation and the gmp is with stronger flavor developing effect than imp. since this product consists of imp (disodiuminosine5’—monophosphate) and gmp (disodium guanosine5’—monophosphate), its characters is similar with them; it is crystal or power from white to maize-yellow, odorless, savory, has obvious synergistic effect and great improving of delicate flavor when it is used with sodium glutamate.

product feature

1、multiply effect in delicate flavor. when it is used with sodium glutamate, it can form multiplied improving for delicate flavor so as to reduce the product cost. 

2、enhance and improve food flavor; enhance the naturally delicious, strong, fragrant and sweet flavor. 

3、it can make meat more delicious; when it mixed with monosodium glutamate and added into the meat, it can improve the meat original taste and enhance the meat delicate flavor, so that it can reduce meat consumption and reduce cost. 

4、restrain too salty, bitter, sour and other objectionable flavor and reduce foreign taste (amino acid taste or flour taste)

5、it is with good solubleness and stability in product.

application fields

disodium 5'-ribonucleotide is a new geneartonal nucleotide food taste agent. this product is prepared through the imp (disodiuminosine5’—monophosphate) and gmp (disodium guanosine5’—monophosphate) are mixed with proportion of 1:1. it can be directly added in food and act taste improving effect. it is a kind of economic and best effective taste enhancer, and is also the main flavoring component in seasoning packet of instant noodles, seasoning, such as chicken extract, chicken powder, flavor enhancing soybean sauce and others. when mixing with sodium glutamate (monosodium glutamate), its dose is 2%-5% of monosodium glutamate, so that it also called “super monosodium glutamate”; in addition, it also have certain supportive therapeutic efficacy for motility hepatitis, chronic hepatitis, progressive muscular dystrophy and various kinds ophthalmic diseases. 

method of application

method of application: used as flavoring agent

range of application: various kinds of food

max application amount: appropriately added acording to the production demand.

i g is usually used with monosodium glutamate to act collaborative flavor enhancing function; its dose is usually equal to the 0.5%~1.5% of monosodium glutamate. if added into soybean sauce, since the contained phosphatidase may decomposes i g,   should perform heat treatment to the soybean sauce before so as to realize enzyme denaturalixation. 

if the proportion between imp and gmp is 1:1, its general dosage is as following:


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