tongliao ran the first “tongliao-爱游戏官网平台

tongliao ran the first “tongliao-manzhouli-europe”international train which carried 300 tons meihua lysine to russia



at 9:38 am on march 25, the first china-europe train of inner mongolia autonomous region started out, tongliao-manzhouli-europe” international container trains with train number 79007 times drove out from thetongliao mulitu industrial park which located the tongliao meihua. this international container trains would arrive at manzhouli at 12:00 of the next day, then through pass through 3 stations including russia pridacha, it arrived at the terminus station petersburg, russiain beijing time on april 8.

the train for its first trip to europe loaded 810 tons of goods including goods which covers the major part is the 351 tons of lysine of our company thatwas exportedto russia, accounting for more than 40% of the total load. in the first train tongliao to europe, the meihuacreated a historyonce again.

under the support of tongliao municipal government, tongliao railway freight center, tongliao customs and commodity inspection bureau, meihua group responded actively the call of national strategy of "one belt and one road ", actively negotiate with russian customers, at the location of the factory,mulitu industrial park we successful shipped 351 tons of lysine, the terminal wasrussia pridacha.

opening of tong (tongliao), man (manzhouli), euro (europe) freight trains fill the gaps in autonomous regions without central europe trains. the freight trains used 40 ft container transport. each train cancarry more than 1000 tons of goods. it can be distributed according to the enterprises’ demand conditions. the rail way covers the 9000 km, 15 days running. the transport time to st. petersburg port willsave 30 days by comparing with sea transportation, and it also saves transportation costs.

compared with the railway wagon deliverybefore, in accordance with different products,such as the monosodium glutamate, lysine, threonine, etc, goods at domestic section can save 40-70 yuan/ton, the international railway freight section saves 100-150 yuan/tons, integrated whole can save freight cost rmb 80-120 yuan/ton.

in march of this year, with the beginning oftongliao mulitu industrial park, the tongliao-manzhouli-europe”trains put into service and formally got through the tongliao- manzhouli - europe land silk road, it will shorten our transit time of goods export, reduce the russia inland cost of railway transportation, provide strong logistics support for meihua group in the russian market development, and further improve our product competitionin the russian is conducive to the rapid development of our trade.

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